A Top Male Escort Asks... "Women, Do You Feel Cursed In The Sex Department? Could It Simply Be That You Don't Know How To Orgasm?"

In America if you fuck a lot of guys you're labeled a slut. Now, you don't think this is fair and you want to have more fun...

hitting the bottom of the pussy

but at the same time you can't just fuck anybody and have a good time. I mean, you just find it difficult to fuck anybody that you’re not 100% attracted to. However, this presents a problem, because if you are 100% attracted to someone, you just can't help but get attached.

So you just watch some porn, do your business and then go to bed.

Like some teenage boy.

The whole thing is fucked up because you want to have some fun but you can’t fucking relax!

Because with your tendency to get attached, you know that if you do manage to relax and find some pleasure... a world of inner pain is just right around the corner.

“He didn’t like me enough to 'make it more'. He just loved fucking me.”

This is because deep down every woman wants to find “the one,” or at the very least to find a husband, and when that doesn’t work out she's left feeling used. This keeps happening over and over again, until she hates herself more and more... and then it's all shit.

You realize you need to be courted.

You need somebody to take you out and spend money on you.

You know there's something about a first date and a first kiss, but the men from your past have often left you feeling completely used in the worst way, so now you’re thinking about taking and not giving anything in return.

You want to be more like them.

Yes, you want to be more like a man, because you have come to hate being a girl.

But instead of hating yourself and lamenting your "low self-esteem," you really just need to become a woman.

Being "a girl" just isn't cutting it anymore, and you know it...

New York has an insidious way of draining a girl of all of her life force and giving her nothing in return.

Of course, an urban girl has a lot of “fun.” You have a closet full of shoes that purport to represent the wildly orgasmic, sensuous woman buried deep down inside of you, but the real men around you don’t seem to see it. The only men who pay you mind are an array of tools, pussies, players and chumps. Maybe you find a confident, attractive man to spend the night with from time-to-time, only to never hear from him again - and never to ask yourself "why?"

But despite your apparent lack of success, weekend-after-weekend you and your girlfriends continue to wobble about the town in those high-heels, passing judgment on each other – all the while hoping to attract a man whom you dream will recognize the precious woman trapped inside this girl, snap you up and take care of your every need… because he wants "all this" all to himself for the rest of his life.

But does that sort of man ever show up - and if he does, does he “see you?”

Does he look at you and go:

"OMG! You’re the woman of my dreams and I have millions of dollars and I want to take care of your every need until you are ready to leave me - at which time you can take half of what I have.”

I mean, how likely is this going to happen given that you have no idea what a man is even looking for or how to be that sort of woman who has what he is looking for?

In fact, it is because you lack this knowledge on an orgasmic-vibrational level, that you always end your nights accosted by some loser guy who is just a half-drunk little boy, wanting to fuck you.

And what's crazy is, you often let these guys fuck you! Then you'll feign insult when a real man comes along, because he is expressing an interest in the real woman buried beneath the actions of a confused little girl - yet refusing to "pay" for something that you gave to lesser men for free!

Does it make any sense to keep undermining your own value, and then hope someone else will still be able to see it?

You need to get out of living that kind of life ASAP because it’s headed nowhere. At a certain point everyone in this town may have fucked you, but nobody will want to take you home to their mother. Then you’ll wonder and whine why you “can’t have a man,” and think you’ve been cursed, or that men are simply horrid… but you’ve really been just rather dumb – at least to anybody intelligent who has been observing your life.

Do you really want to be another "single woman with a dog" whom you see roaming about the urban landscape? Often beautiful, but with no boyfriend or husband in sight?

Instead of being grateful that you finally found a real man... who can see you for who you really are... and who is secure enough in himself not to give a rat's ass about your "history" and who is willing to invest the time in you that it will take to bring forth your true orgasmic nature, you give him hoops to jump through - telling him that he needs to "work for it."


Perhaps, it is you who should be offering to pay him! Because that real man is going to have to hold your hand while you live through every single "dark night of the soul" that will arise once you start to open up to your orgasmic nature.

But I am getting ahead of myself, and I don't want you to think I am insensitive to your inner conflict that is tearing you apart...

See, despite your need to feel precious, and your awareness that you can never be truly happy unless sex leads to something greater...

You are very excited by all the nasty sex you see in porn!

Your pussy gets wet just thinking about the things you see online!

Some days you masturbate for hours - to things that you tell yourself you’d never do in real life, such as double-penetration, groups of men, and hard anal. You are amazed at the way some women "deep throat," and wish for a man who would inspire you to learn to “take the cock.”

You’re not alone.

Women these days watch just as much porn as men, and just like men they struggle with how to balance their desire for sexual exploration with their hunger for relationship - how to chase every little sensual pleasure without lowering their “dating market value” or degrading themselves.

But you want to feel passion for your sexual partner - not just "kind of be attracted" to someone because he's "nice." *vomit*

You also want to have an intimate relationship with them - a relationship with a real man who inspires total surrender because you know that such surrender not only guarantees that a woman will know how to orgasm, but it creates a container in which all sexual fantasies can be explored in safety.

In short, you just want to enjoy yourself!

"But as a woman I'm always fighting enjoying the moment with being an emotional person!”

Exactly, because you need the right sort of man who can heal this schizm for you.

But there is something in the way that is stopping you from attracting the sort of man who will inspire your surrender, no matter how many affirmations you jot down or courses on "manifestation" you gorge yourself with.

The reason for your suffering is because you are always denying your very nature, which is to constantly bathe in your sensuality and indulge one sensation after another.

Multiple orgasms on a daily basis are the real fuel that keeps you going and feeds your dreams as a woman.

You push away the freak in you and deny its’ existence, yet your inner freak is the one who allows you to have joy and magic in your life.

How can you have a joyous existence if you deny your own nature?

Who tricked you into doing this to yourself?

Who got you to the point that you really have no interest in sex or men at all?

How did you come to de-value your gifts as a woman to the point that you came to hate yourself and wished you were a man?

You may think you know what sex is, but most of you have no clue. In fact, most of you suffer from undiagnosed anorgasmia.

The rest of you have only a faint idea of it.

Because of your ignorance, many of you are at a point where there is nothing about sex that would make you want to do it with anybody - so you "do it" in order to get something from somebody. You think men weak for the power sex has over them, never realizing the power orgasm should have over you - and that it is anything but a weakness for you!

Because no matter your state of anorgasmia, that sex drive is still burning up inside of you. You really don’t know what to do about it... Surely you have a vibrator, but it’s like a warm glass of tap water on a hot summer’s day.

It’s survival at best.

How did you get so messed up?

The problem is you took instruction on how you function sexually and on how to be a woman from your mom, the media, your clueless girlfriends - who don’t really want to see you happy to begin with.

You’ve also taken instruction from men who watch way too much porn: at this point, most of you think orgasm is something to strive for – and that you are multi-orgasmic if you can have 3 clitoral orgasms in a row.

Certainly nobody has ever made love to you in a way that a woman needs to have it happen. Why do you think so many women are out there experimenting with other women?

Men have lost all sense of sensuality.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the aggressive, dominating sex that comprises 90% of porn today, but it needs to be experienced within the context of sensual surrender – and not as an expression of self-loathing.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a woman have an orgasm in porn, let alone showcase a fully-orgasmic nature?

How tragic is it to be so externally beautiful, yet be completely unaware of your real internal beauty - as a woman capable of multiple orgasms?

To walk the urban streets with a long-face, staring down at the ground avoiding eye contact with men…

...to be totally dissatisfied with men and sex on every level?

You are clueless, and no man has ever cared enough about you to tell you so. They were all too busy lying to you because they didn’t know where their next blowjob would be coming from!

So the question I pose to you again is...

How can you attract the sort of man who will clearly see the wonderfully wanton creature inside of you, when nobody has ever made you feel like that woman or given you instruction on how to be her to begin with?

I mean, how will you ever be happy if you are just a replica of all your friends - who are all going nowhere fast?

  • They always feel like they can’t express themselves sexually but then they have all this passion...
  • If someone wants to know what turns them on sexually or what is their fantasy – they couldn’t say or even put it into words...
  • They think too much...
  • They don't really like themselves very much, but they’re learning how to like “them...”
  • It's more about their thoughts and ideas and expressing themselves. They find that to be very difficult...
  • They find that guys don’t know how to handle them. Then again, they can’t handle themselves emotionally so how can they expect someone else to?
  • The men they have been with have been extremely selfish and clueless...
  • They've never been with someone long enough to know what they like...
  • They just need to like themselves because they don’t, and they need to trust themselves… because they don’t...
  • They have no time to work on themselves because they are living for their jobs...
  • They’re passionate which can lead to them being attracted to very passionate people who are often self-absorbed with their own issues - and then they become the fucking therapist...
  • Their therapist always tells them that they've got to make themselves feel precious. But they’re tired of doing that...
  • They believe no woman can be happy allowing her body to take over her mind...
  • They feel there is something ingrained in every woman as a child, and that nothing fucking changes that...
  • The reality is that you don’t have to fight so hard to not be your typical girl.

    You just need to exude the sort of orgasmic radiance and resultant femininity that attracts the sort of man you seek.

    But you will need to be broken down… and opened up… to your real nature.

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    The reality is that you can be the kind of woman who gets text messages all night long from men offering you anything you desire – if only you would see them for just one day out of the month!

    But it's going to take some work - you are going to have to invest in yourself the same way a man invests in himself.

    I used to study Tango and my tango instructor would scold the female students:

    "You need to practice following! I know you think that one day a man will come around who is such a talented lead he will make you shine no matter how awful your dancing - so you can enjoy the tango experience without having to put the work in. But let me ask you ladies something: when this man comes around, why will he want to dance with you? So, I suggest you work on your following!"

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